All on hold but we are moving on – Week 12

After the fiasco of the last 12 weeks we have decided to take control of this build.  We had our report back from surveyors and it has confirmed what we thought. Footing in wrong place and foundations would need to be dug again! FFS!

So its time to move on and whilst we sort out that mess we started to get our lives back on track.  Tuesday we had the wonderful George onsite from Broadleaf Landscaping to put the security back to the side of our house.  He has fitted a temporary fence to secure the side access and stop anyone falling into the giant hole!

View from the garden!
View from the drive

On Wednesday we had Alex from Buff builders to talk to us about plan and getting architectural drawings with measurements drawn up to get this project properly planned and started again. Yes Buff Builders, i know the irony for us but they are some of the loveliest guys and they work so bloody hard.  I am sure if they do the work I will have a lot of new found friends over to watch them work!

My massive regret is that I should have gone with these guys in the first place. The only reason we didn’t was because we didn’t want to manage this project!! ha ha!

However highlight was I found his guy whilst we were moving boards.

Oh and guess what soil pipe still leaking after the bodge repair!


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