Work has started again….. – End of Week 10

So the work started again this week.  DMB Solutions turned up onsite Tuesday morning to finally start work again. So after the Bank holiday and a few emails I wasn’t convinced that any one in the office had read the letter from Southern Water that stated not to back fill until works have been inspected. The guys onsite weren’t aware either so I contacted the office again with the letter to outline this. After no one acknowledged the emails I called  Southern Water for advice.  They were fantastic, the lovely guy on the phone said rather than me try to explain it I am free this afternoon and I will pop down to site to talk with the builders and explain to them what I want.

This all started because I was asked to pay on Friday to pay a further £9000 today which I am not sure what is for? considering no one has been onsite and our house looks like the photo below. The one thing that is now really bothering me is that our emails are not being acknowledged. Also no one as of yet has acknowledged our Gas leak and we have requested the project plan and costs so far but still haven’t received them. Hopefully this will get sorted next week?

View on the 2nd of May

So the week continued with more digging of footings….  Yes more digging and then the concrete which turned up on a rather impressive truck which mixes the raw materials at the side of the road and pours into barrows.   I am still wondering though at what point we will get out of the ground?

Friday I met with UK Power networks to discuss the electric meter move. We now need to change our meter before we move it.  Of course it wasn’t going to be straight forward!!! So I have that booked for later in the month and then we will look to move it outside the property.

And the week ended on Friday I came home and the access to the garage, gate and garden was left in a state.  Clearly POETS day!  We have our Daughters first birthday tomorrow so I have spent 30 minutes after getting home to be covered in dust moving building materials, boards and bricks as we still need access to the house, garage and garden as we do still live here!!!! The weekend view and access ended looking like this.

Birthday weekend view
Birthday weekend view

More progress to be updated next week. Who knows maybe some bricks?  I will now start adding a weekly gallery on the build as hopefully it will show more progress.  Week 10 gallery below:

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