End of week 5 and still a big hole!

So its not what I thought building an extension would be…  We are still awaiting on Southern Water’s build over agreement to get this all moving!  Nothing is moving fast however we now almost have a complete dug out foundation.  We have had a guy from DMB Solutions on site all week digging out the old concrete foundations around the sewer pipe so it should be ready to go when we get the green light.

Today we have finally started to get the hole in the side of the house bricked up.  Apparently our bricks are from Burwash which is somewhere in Sussex and they are not easy to come by.   These are the nearest match to our 1930s house.  Typical eh even non standard bloody bricks….

The new pain in the arse this week we were told by DMB Solutions we will be moving our Gas & Electric meter.  After chasing I was told at the end of the day this is the case! FFS! So I see more delay and more unbudgeted expense!  Not very happy but these things are sent to try us…. remind me again why I am doing this….  So I am now nearly 30000 grand out of pocket for a giant hole in my back garden, I hope it gets better soon as it cant get much worse.

So its Friday and I am having a wine…. Lets hope the Sun shines this weekend!

carefully digging around this

What all the fuss is about!

Yay! look bricks….. That is were a window one day maybe….

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