First week done..

Wow what a week its been…  We have started designing a kitchen with the guys at Howdens.  I have visited the not so Sunny North of England with work and also learnt that a lot of the early Harry Potter films were filmed in Durham Cathedral.  I also got home to a new boiler install… Whoops that wasn’t supposed to happen…

So we visited Howdens at the start of the week and we were told that our boiler in the plans would lose some space in the kitchen cupboards etc.  So after the meeting we had to call the team at DMB Solutions to get it moved.  This changed all the priorities for the week and it mean that the DMB Solutions team had to relocate the boiler due its original location.  That bloody conservatory has a lot to answer for.

So good news is we have a new boiler which is Bosch so I am happy….. However we now have a giant bloody hole in our kitchen wall which means although new boiler with nice heating we also have all the heat all whooshing out… Hopefully wont be too long with the window being fitted.  I am off to Wickes to get insulation stuff to cover it over as its bloody freezing!!!



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