Gas Leak – End of Week 9

So as part of the new extension we have had to relocate the boiler to inside the house. We had a new boiler fitted and its been losing pressure since it was installed.  I have also noticed a smell but due to owning a very poor sense of smell didn’t think to much of it until this week when it got very cold (hole on side of house still)  the house downstairs really started smelling of gas. So we notified DMB Solutions and had an engineer attend onsite who said the boiler had a faulty valve and we need to contact the Worcester Bosch to fix. They disconnected the gas at the mains and told me not to mention the smell of gas but just to tell the boiler company about the boiler which was showing a pressure drop from 21 to 19.

So on Thursday I worked from home again to wait for an engineer but no one showed. On calling them they had no report of our callout!!! Luckily a lovely lady at Worcester Bosch called everyone to get an engineer onsite so we had heating and hot water again as typically it went bloody cold in April.

The fact we have a Baby under 1 Year old helped and another child under 5!! Our Worcester Bosch engineers were superb  and solved the issue within 10 minutes of being onsite.  There was no fault found with the boiler.  They found the gas leak on the new pipework which is connected to the new boiler. They fixed the problem but highlighted this issue has been present since installation. I am now waiting for the full report to be submitted so I can take action.

However finally good news! Yes we got a response from Southern Water. Yes on working day 26 we got an email with the response with a list of required actions to continue:

So next week after the Bank Holiday we will have UK Power Networks out to look moving the electric meter.  We also will have DMB Solutions back onsite to work and aiming to carry out and complete the following:

  • Dig & shape up footings
  • Barrow & pour concrete for footings
  • Brickwork to DPC (Damp Proof Course)

So fingers crossed for us for week 10 and Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

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