House update

Buff Builders to the Rescue!

So as we are in dispute and all building works are stopped until we get a final resolution with DMB Solutions . in the meantime we had to do something to secure the house. We have been without a window to the side of the house since the 1st week of March and I haven’t slept much because of it!!

So on Saturday we had Buff Builders onsite to brick up the wall as its cheaper than a window!!! Upon starting the work they had to remove the works carried out by DMB Solutions to fit the bricks and I am glad they did.

So our brick ties screwed in (non standard….) we also had a nice missing brick,  no insulation and they drilled through the lintel. So they removed all the bricks to get rid of all half bricks and redo cementing as it was poorly done.  The end result is it looks much better and finally we are secure on the side of our house if a bit dark. I cant recommend Buff Builders enough they were superb.

Inside also bricked up and insulated!

Nice new brick work by Buff Builders



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