Latest update on the extension….

So it was all going so well….. We are still awaiting a decision from Southern Water on the build over agreement and I must stress to anyone doing a project where they may potentially go over sewers to do this bit before they start otherwise you are left in limbo!!!

So whats happened since the last post…. In the words of the great Paul Daniels “Not a lot!”. Southern water came out to investigate the leak and found that there wasn’t a leak.  The cool bit was I got to see camera tech on exploring the sewer pipes under the house and a few of my neighbours but not a blockage or a bit of damage in sight. Phew!

All building work has been stalled also until today. 🙁 After a few discussions last week with the team at DMB they came back to site today to continue the excavations.  So fingers crossed we get back on track and that side window will get fitted.

I have also now got the kit to start downloading from my Go Pro so I will be uploading videos soon but heres a few pictures from my phone.

Side of house where window will go.

Back of house 🙁

Foundations being dug out.

Hard work as this is being finished by hand.


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