Let the build commence…..

So today is the day….. Today is the day we have booked all of the all the works to commence on the house. When we bought our lovely little house we took it on as a project. The house has some great 8os features and a toilet in the conservatory….. yes slap bang in the middle!! Which is interesting when its bloody cold in the winter and scorchio in the summer……

Anyway we are losing our only useful for 2 months of the year room and extending our kitchen / dining room into one big space. We started talking to DMB Solutions last year and the designs are looking very exciting. Its nothing super flash but will mean our 80s 3/4 cooker will go and we might actually be able to fit normal sized trays into our oven! Dark Green Belling cookers are not the greatest for creating culinary delights…..

So i have filmed the before on my new toy and I will keep posting updates on the build as its the first big project I have ever done! super scary esp with the small folk around but looking forward to a awesome summer BBQ at the end!

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