The Great Fiasco – End of Week 8

Deep breath!!! Nothing has happened in two weeks! Nothing…. actually I lie no excavation or building work…..

Plans were for a loo under the stairs were revisited . We were informed by email on the 28th March we have to relocate a gas meter and an electric meter. So a Gas Engineer & Service Manager attended site on the 4th April, however the electrician didn’t make it.  It was confirmed that the gas meter had to be moved by a professional company not by them as previously suggested by DMB Solutions Architectural Design Manager. The Service Manager and myself looked at the area and both agreed that a loo wasn’t going to fit!  So on the 11th April we had someone around to remeasure our staircase. because the diagram is missing a vital measurement so we could work out where the new wall would go let alone the sodding toilet??

What is this distance?

We are still waiting on the revised plans / options which we will receive early next week……

So whats the hold up you ask?  Well we are still waiting on Southern Water’s build over agreement.  This legalisation came into effect in 2011 so I still cant understand why we are in this mess!  The buildover agreement is supposed to take 20 working days to process from the acknowledge letter which we received on the 17th March meaning we should have known by the 18th April. However its so far taken 23 working days and today I have been informed that we are likely to wait until end of next week (28 working days if Friday). It turns out Southern Water don’t actually do the work.  They sub-contract it to a company based in Chatham, Kent called Insewer and they turned up yesterday which was working day 22.

The van was impressive and had all sorts of tech, cameras & monitors which they were luckily able to run from our neighbours man hole as our one has been covered over by rubble which DMB Solutions have left. The footage they take is of the condition of the pipes and location in proximity to the house.  The guys informed me that these reports take 10 days and their work actually updates Southern Water maps as most are out of date, our as it happened was incorrect.

I think the final icing on the cake was this morning (21st April) when our empty skip was moved 6 inches forward on the request of DMB Solutions.  After quizzing  the driver its for the Portaloo, this is at the other end of our drive……. You honestly cant make this up.

The Portaloo guy then turned up at lunchtime to service it and again said “I cant get to it…..” Well Happy Friday!  I am going for a large glass of something, I am £30,000 down, have a giant whole in my back garden with two small children under 5 with the health and safety notices which are ducking amazing:

However our main bath water waste improvisation is a work of art! Pass the wine!

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