To say I am not happy is an under statement

It was all going so well.  The conservatory is gone! yippee!!! the excavations had started with an awesome mini digger which i wanted a go on but sadly didn’t!  But a leak has possibly been found under the driveway from a sewer pipe which runs between our lovely neighbours and our house.  I am off home in a minute to meet with Southern Water.  Long and short of it is we may have to dig up the drive… excrement!

We were also told last week by DMB Solutions that we now need to get a build over agreement from Southern water.  WTF?  I am a little concerned we only know about this now.  We have lost the back of the house and have a hole that if you filled it the dogs could use as a hydrotherapy pool!  So with this build over agreement we now have to wait 20 days for a decision from Southern water on whether we can go ahead with the build!  What???? we have a giant hole in the back garden! GAHHHH!


Look how deep the hole is!

possible leak located under driveway. 🙁


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