Wow what a week – End of Week 11

overloaded skip = collasped pavement.
Skip was a tad too heavy then

Please excuse this week’s post so much was going on at work I was adding each day to add up to a finals weeks summary.

Monday –  We are off again..  I left our builders DMB Solutions digging out the sewage pipes. This does all seem to be arse about face.  Surely it would have made sense to dig it all out at the same time rather than hire a digger etc. twice.

It is making me wonder if they had intended to dig it out but due to Southern Water they are now having to do it properly. We have a meeting with DMB Solutions on Friday so hopefully we can find out what’s going to finally happen and when. Highlight of the day? The skip being swapped over and they left this landmark….

overloaded skip = collasped pavement.
Skip was a tad too heavy then…

Tuesday – brought a new found joy.  We have sewage leaking onto the back of the house and all waste water is pouring onto the build area too.   Which is nice… However some brick work has appeared as the new sewage pipes hadn’t arrived.  It looks to be to the damp proof course (DPC) and it’s in the wrong location, not on our boundary as per plans and agreement with our lovely neighbour.

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Wednesday – Wow what a start!!!! After pointing out that sewerage is leaking on the back of the property, waste water is flooding everywhere and the brickwork was in the wrong position all worked has stopped. No explanation as to why but everyone has walked off site… Still waiting for someone from DMB Solutions to call me/email me. The first reason for incorrect brick work was “XXXX said thats where you agreed it” and the emailed response later from the office was

“I’ve spoken to xxxxx and xxxx about the location of the side extension wall. xxxx has reported that the garden fence and wall between you and your neighbour isn’t perpendicular to the house so, with the extension being built square on with the house, there is a small difference between the two. “

hmm… I am confused how we have got lost in translation here.  At what point where you going to discuss this with me before you started building it in a new location? They will look at Friday’s meeting to discuss it. However we still have that sewer work to do but no one here to do it.

Thursday – No one on site and no explanation. I came to the end of my tether yesterday afternoon.  It is just more poor communication and no one to explain when or if someone will turn up. Will the sewer work actually be done? We still have a meeting booked tomorrow with DMB but I have lost all confidence.  I contacted Trading Standards Brighton yesterday as I used their Buy with Confidence guide to to select this company back in 2016.  I have also called an independent RICS surveyor as I need to understand why it all went so wrong and understand where my money has disappeared to.  The sewer pipe that had concrete thrown around the base yesterday to repair has now start to show holes in and so the sewer pipe is still leaking.

Awesome pipe work
There’s a hole in my….

Friday – At 8 am I heard the digger start.  Two guys were about to start work on our sewer pipe before our meeting. I asked them to stop as we needed to have our meeting first. After a discussion with a independent RICS surveyor we have discovered our footings are in the incorrect position to build to our plans. To get the correct wall we would need to remove the DPC that has just been put in, dig up the foundations again and replace them in the correct position in order to build to our border. This sadly was the final straw.  I have asked DMB Solutions to end our contract with them and now we will negotiate this and hopefully avoid a legal action but we will see.

So my week ends like this…. We still have sewage still leaking.  A giant bloody mess of a back garden and frankly we are skint but I cannot risk the health and safety of my children, Wife or dogs any longer. This whole process so far has been a disaster. It is such a shame my dream extension which I have saved for my little family has come to this. What a bloody week!

2nd Birthday Weekend view!


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